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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

time flies when you're having fun!!

so the past couple of weeks have been out of control!! i have been flying by the seat of pants!! it has been lots of fun, but very tiring!!

a couple of weeks ago at work we had a shower for valerie, who is getting married this weekend...this is her in the famous pink feather boa that has been a part of three bachelorette parties at work:

the rest of that weekend was lunch with the girls......andrea's bachelorette party(fun times!!)...

...and max's first birthday

the next week (last week) at work was a pretty big meeting that i had a big part in planning...here are some pics from that!

there was a monkey theme and a worker at the hotel even asked if we were having a party for a daycare!! after the meeting we did some team building at dave and buster's (yes that's me on ddr) and then went to the general jackson. it was an absolute blast, but i was completely exhausted!!
the weekend was busy, too...worked friday night and went to andrea's wedding on sat. night. it was beautiful and she was beautiful, we had a great time. we took pics with brittni's camera and i don't have those yet. i'm glad this week has not been quite as tiring, i have gotten back to some semblance of routine and am resting up.

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