Just Because

Thursday, January 28, 2010


i have seen many posts on painting your own monogram pillows, so i thought i would give it a try! i got these pillows for $5 each, which i figured i could not make them for, and if i messed them up, it wouldn't be so bad. i didn't use freezer paper or fabric paint like most others i have seen, i just printed the M on card stock and cut it out. i taped it on the pillow and drew the letter on with a pencil. i just used regular craft paint and filled in the shape, making sure to cover up the pencil outline.
these are going to melissa to put on her new (to her) couch in her new apartment! i hope she enjoys them!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

my maggie-moo

this is my kitty - i got her as a birthday present for my 24th birthday. i have had her for almost 6 years, and bless her heart i have made her move 5 times in those years. that's why i love her...she just goes with the flow, living inside and outside and in the basement, as long as she has food and water and somewhere to go to the bathroom, she's good!!
she has lots of hair that she leaves all over the place. her real name is steel magnolia, because that's my favorite movie and because she is gray (steel) and white (magnolia), but mostly because that's my favorite movie - the whole color thing was just lucky!!she likes to pretend she is sneaky.

she loves to be whereever i am. here she is thinking about jumping up on the couch.

she loves to snuggle on my bed - i'm pretty sure that's where she stays all day when i'm not home. i love how her paws are crossed in this pic. they look so soft, and when i try to rub them, she tries to bite me.

this is the "pet blanket" i got her for christmas, which is in fact just a fleece blanket with paws on it. she like it. here i think she is saying "quit taking pictures of me, now!" she can be like that sometimes!

warning: no make-up

i am so thankful to have the kind of friends you don't have to get made up for!!
this past weekend john, janna, alana and i went to kentucky to help melissa with her new apartment. and none of us wore make-up all weekend!!

we met at my house, re-packed the car (which was quite a feat), and left from there. we drove to bowling green and met melissa at PEPPers, a local mexican restaurant. these pictures are from there.

alana was very excited to see auntie melissa and show off her new glasses. we all agree with janna's uncle jim - she looks spectacular in her spectacles!!

john was the muscle/driver of the trip, driving the hobbit sized moving truck from bowling green to lexington friday night and then around lexington on saturday while we collected some furniture melissa's abode. we are all thankful he was there!!
janna was our encourager as always and made sure we got lots of work done! i guess my main goal, apartment wise, was the decorating, which i always enjoy, but i was also glad to see mellie in her new apartment! i can't wait to go back! maybe we won't have to work so hard next time!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

the girl alvin and the chipmunks

i got to go to the movies yesterday! kim and clinton were here an extra day for the holiday weekend, jordan was home from school, and i was off of work, so we took all the boys to see the new alvin and the chipmunks movie, which clinton call "the girl alvin and the chipmunks".

here is jordan (16) holding max (2) and clinton (5).

the chipmunks were even at the movie theatre...how cool is that!?!?

max gave theodore a kiss...too cute!!

clinton had lots of fun! he and jordan both had dollars that they were going to spend, but kim told them to just keep their money, so she shelled out $56739.08 for snacks for everyone...it still shocks me how much things cost at the movies!!

after the movie we went back to their house and just visited for a while before jordan had to go back to school and kim and clinton had to go back to memphis. a great afternoon with awesome boys!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

helper journals

i love journaling...that's not to say that i do it consistently, but i love the idea of it! at one time i kept a journal consistently for about 2 years...it was almost like something had not really happened in my life until i wrote in my journal. and as silly as i sounded at times, it is kind of nice to go back a read those journals, it reminds me that i have grown up a little bit =)

a few years ago, i gave my friend kim a journal that had some pointers in it as to what to write each day. i thought that was a great idea, but had never seen them again, until this christmas when my aunt juanita gave me this: it's a prayer journal...i love it! this is a sample page. i think if you click on the picture you will be able to see it better.

i have been using it pretty consistently since i got it, and while i don't fill in every section everyday, i do think about each of those things, which is helps me be more reflective.
i was browsing their website the other day and found this book journal:
i thought this would be neat to have because i am always trying to remember what books by a certain author i have read...this is a sample page:

they also have mini (pocket/purse-sized) journals that were cute, and only about $6...the big ones are almost $20. check out all of the titles...they might inspire you!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

i got my christmas cards for this year!

yes, you read correctly...i have my christmas cards for 2010 already!

for the past few years i have told myself i will send out some kind of picture christmas card with a picture of me and my cat, maggie, or just a cool picture...but that hasn't happened. so, each year i scramble at the last minute to find cards that i like and that don't cost an arm and a leg!!so, when i was perusing the very few things left in the christmas aisle at kroger the other night i saw a few boxes of cards. there were four boxes that i liked (and a few i didn't), so i snagged them up .

here you can see how much i saved...msrp was $50 (which i never would have paid), kroger had them originally for $24 (which i might have paid if they were great cards and i was in a rush), and I got them for a total of $6 plus tax!! i love saving money!! by the way, that's $.08 for each card.

i know you will be anxious to get your cheap (but thoughtful and well meaning nonetheless) christmas card come december!! if i can find them, that is!


until this past week, i had never made "a pot of beans". it's not that i don't like beans, it's just that it never really occurred to me to make them. my mom makes them and my grandmother makes them, i just never really thought about it.

a couple of months ago, while at the grocery store with my mom, i mentioned that i thought beans would be a good meal for the plan i was on (the same one i am trying to be on now). they count as a protein and a vegetable (i have a hard time fulfilling my required veggie servings every day).
so we got some 15 bean soup...while not completely healthful (adding bacon or ham hock to things tends to make them less healthy!!) i thought it would be perfect for a cold winter night!!

i must have read the directions 15 times...the first thing was that you needed ham hock....ok, i know that is a pretty standard thing in most southern households, but i do not believe i have ever had ham hock in my house...so i always stopped there. then the other day i remembered i had a pack of bacon in my freezer...that's kind of like ham hock, right? i went with it, and it wasn't too bad!!
this is the beans soaking - i thought they were so bright and colorful!! who knew beans could be so beautiful!

i let them soak overnight, drained them and put them in the crock pot the next morning....with some bacon, some frozen chopped onions and some other seasonings.
this is while they were cooking...and making my house smell wonderful!!

yum, yum! unfortunately they were not near as bright and beautiful by the time they got done cooking, but they sure tasted good! i may have to try this again.

Monday, January 11, 2010

i'm still here!

i have not given up on the blog...i just haven't been inspired to update it. i think i feel like i need to have something profound to say or show on here, and i guess i haven't felt like i've anything all that important to say!!

i don't think anyone reads this who does not know me personally (and would therefore know what i've been up to), but i will just list a few things that have filled my time the last half of 2009 (with a few pics for your enjoyment!!)...
  • acteens started back up in the fall, and i began my 7th year as a leader of that group. we have had a great "core" group of girls for the past several years and the oldest one in that group, katie, graduates this year...it will not be the same without her!!

  • i became a part of a new sunday school class at our church. the goal of the class is to welcome newcomers and visitors, and to help them feel like they have a place they belong until they get plugged in to the most fitting class for them. i have really enjoyed getting to know the other folks in the class and our teachers, and of course welcoming people to our church.
  • work has been good, i guess...just rolling with the flow of that and trying to adjust some structural changes and responsibility shifts...pretty much just thankful to have a job!!
  • i started working with a personal trainer sometime in october. the biggest adjustment for me was getting up and exercising before work. i have lost a little over 20 pounds (even a little over the holidays) and am now trying to get re-dedicated to food plan portion of the system.
  • kim's son clinton (in the picture on the side) was diagnosed with a medulloblastoma brain tumor the week before thanksgiving and is in the process of undergoing treatments for that...it has been a roller coaster for them, and i just keep lifting them all up in prayer! if you want to read what's going on, click here
  • christmas was great...i really enjoyed spending time with friends and family this year...not that i don't always enjoy that time, but i really tried to take note of it this year. i also really enjoyed buying and making gifts this year...i tried to put a lot of thought into each one and was really excited to give all of them, instead of just getting something to wrap up.

so that was 2009...now for 2010...what do i plan for 2010???

  • my main focus is to get my finances under control (which is a constant battle for me!!). i have asked my mother to kind of be my accountability partner in this endeavor and will meet with her each month to share my budget and progress. if all goes as planned i will have everything paid off except my house and student loan by the end of the year!!
  • continue working out...thanks to a generous gift from kim, i still have 4 more weeks with the trainer and thanks to my mom, i have a wii fit. with these tools i plan to continue to work out several times a week and try new activities along the way!
  • as always, i plan to eat healthy this year.
  • i plan to blog more and not be so hard on myself about it...i just have remind myself that there are really no rules to this, and that i don't have to have some life changing or hysterically funny post. we'll see!
  • i plan to memorize a bible verse each week. janna wanted to do this with her family and has invited others to join, i think it's great, i mean, who doesn't need a few scriptures in their head!!

  • i am making a conscious effort to spend more time in prayer this year. to purposefully pray and dialogue with God on a daily basis. my aunt gave me a great prayer journal for christmas that has really helped with this!