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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

i got my christmas cards for this year!

yes, you read correctly...i have my christmas cards for 2010 already!

for the past few years i have told myself i will send out some kind of picture christmas card with a picture of me and my cat, maggie, or just a cool picture...but that hasn't happened. so, each year i scramble at the last minute to find cards that i like and that don't cost an arm and a leg!!so, when i was perusing the very few things left in the christmas aisle at kroger the other night i saw a few boxes of cards. there were four boxes that i liked (and a few i didn't), so i snagged them up .

here you can see how much i saved...msrp was $50 (which i never would have paid), kroger had them originally for $24 (which i might have paid if they were great cards and i was in a rush), and I got them for a total of $6 plus tax!! i love saving money!! by the way, that's $.08 for each card.

i know you will be anxious to get your cheap (but thoughtful and well meaning nonetheless) christmas card come december!! if i can find them, that is!

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