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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

my maggie-moo

this is my kitty - i got her as a birthday present for my 24th birthday. i have had her for almost 6 years, and bless her heart i have made her move 5 times in those years. that's why i love her...she just goes with the flow, living inside and outside and in the basement, as long as she has food and water and somewhere to go to the bathroom, she's good!!
she has lots of hair that she leaves all over the place. her real name is steel magnolia, because that's my favorite movie and because she is gray (steel) and white (magnolia), but mostly because that's my favorite movie - the whole color thing was just lucky!!she likes to pretend she is sneaky.

she loves to be whereever i am. here she is thinking about jumping up on the couch.

she loves to snuggle on my bed - i'm pretty sure that's where she stays all day when i'm not home. i love how her paws are crossed in this pic. they look so soft, and when i try to rub them, she tries to bite me.

this is the "pet blanket" i got her for christmas, which is in fact just a fleece blanket with paws on it. she like it. here i think she is saying "quit taking pictures of me, now!" she can be like that sometimes!

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