Just Because

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

warning: no make-up

i am so thankful to have the kind of friends you don't have to get made up for!!
this past weekend john, janna, alana and i went to kentucky to help melissa with her new apartment. and none of us wore make-up all weekend!!

we met at my house, re-packed the car (which was quite a feat), and left from there. we drove to bowling green and met melissa at PEPPers, a local mexican restaurant. these pictures are from there.

alana was very excited to see auntie melissa and show off her new glasses. we all agree with janna's uncle jim - she looks spectacular in her spectacles!!

john was the muscle/driver of the trip, driving the hobbit sized moving truck from bowling green to lexington friday night and then around lexington on saturday while we collected some furniture melissa's abode. we are all thankful he was there!!
janna was our encourager as always and made sure we got lots of work done! i guess my main goal, apartment wise, was the decorating, which i always enjoy, but i was also glad to see mellie in her new apartment! i can't wait to go back! maybe we won't have to work so hard next time!!


It's a Mom Thing said...

love thew makeup free weekend and that y'all were able to help get m settled. i want to see pics of the new digs.

John, Janna, and Alana said...

These are some of the worst pictures i have ever seen. we all look so pasty. next time, we have to wear makeup. no if's, and's or but's.

kacyd said...

I think it's less the pasty-ness (i like to embrace my fair skin) and more the shiney-ness that makes us look less than great. A little powder could have gone a long way!!