Just Because

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cell Phone Pictures

I saw this recently on a blog that I love - and I thought it sounded like a great idea to record what I've been doing lately.

I made this bag - the pattern is here - it's smaller than you think.  If I make it again I will make it bigger.  I do like the way it goes together, it's pretty simple.  I'm giving this one to Kim - because she asked for one.  That's how I roll.

On Wednesday nights I go to church for dinner and to work in the Library.  I love having dinner with Mrs. Morel, Alana, and Ava - and sometimes James.  It's a little crazy, but fun!  These pics are courtesy of Alana.

For McGregor Baby #4 Janna and John had a Gender Reveal Party.  I made these so everyone could declare their prediction.  I chose pink.  I was wrong.

Every February my church does a church-wide mission project.  Folks of all ages make cookies, the Mission Friends (young children) make Valentine's Cards, and the Acteens and GA's (school age girls) deliver them to local fire stations.  I love that everyone in the church gets involved!
I drove the church van this year - 15 passenger vans handle way differently than my car.  Just sayin'.

I started selling Scentsy.  I love the products and the company - who doesn't want their house to smell good?  If you want to learn more go here.

For the last couple of years we have gone to Pizza Hut for Valentine's day - just good family fun.  I was trying to get a picture of James crying, but then he smiled.  Crying or smiling, he's a cutie!!

I cleaned out my closet this week.  My Mema gave me this jewelry box years ago, and took the time to put pictures in it.  I love that she did that, but I don't need the jewelry box any more, so I took pictures of the pictures (I know, that sounds crazy) and am donating the jewelry box to Thriftsmart.

These were also in my closet.  They are the shoes I wore while I was training for the Half Marathon last year.  I'm pretty sure I walked more miles in these shoes than any others in my life.  I didn't feel the need to keep them, but did want to document the wear - I earned that hole!