Just Because

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


so it's been forever since i've felt like i had anything to write, but i wanted to share something. i'm sure i've already told most of the folks who read this, but at least putting it here i will be able to look back at it later.

the past few weeks i have really felt convicted to take care of some financial issues i have had. as most people who know me well know, i am not known for my sound financial decisions. it's just not one of my strong points. but this year i have been trying slowly to change that. last week i had a bit of a "come apart" because it seemed like i was taking one step forward and two steps back. so i talked to my mom and with her help was able to get current with several things that i was behind on. so on friday, having only one check out that had not cleared, i had an additional $1.31 in the bank. i was ok with that knowing that i was to get paid from the skate center this week, and that nothing else was due. well, over the weekend a service charge for something came out of my account that was $6.95. now, since the check had not cleared, there was money in the account, but i knew that if the check cleared it would bounce. my first thought was to borrow a few bucks from someone, but then i just felt like i needed to take the consequences of this...so i had resigned to pay the service charge if the check came through before i got paid. well, yesterday morning i was looking at an explanation of benefits from my insurance company, and there was a $20 check attached to it!! GOD is SO GOOD!!! seriously...i could bot have been more excited if that was a $1,000 check!

i am so thankful to serve a God that is so faithful. He blesses me over and over again. this is just one example of the many blessings...my cup runneth over!