Just Because

Thursday, October 30, 2008

my cube redo!!

last friday i moved cubes (we have a temp that started this week, so she got my cube), anyway, i was glad to move....i love new spaces =) so, i put my decorating hat on and made my new cube more homey!! below are the overhead bins...i just cut scrapbook paper and stuck it on with double stick tape, then covered it with clear contact paper.
here's some photos and my favorite jack memorabilia (my bobble head and magic 8-ball)
i got this wire thingy from tj maxx when i moved into my condo, and i love it, i just didn't have anywhere to hang it at home, but it works great here!!
i have had this plant longer than any plant ever...the long vines actually go to the top of the cube wall.
my inbox, i just added a bunch of ribbons and yarn.
here's a closeup of my pencil holder (the small hemingway hurricane from southern living =) and other stuff i use a lot.
a close up of the lights strung up underneath my overhead bins. i put little bunches of ribbon all along there.
i brought this little table from home, my cube sweet cube sign from before, and an old southern living candlestick...i am taking a candle for it tomorrow.
maria gave me this super cute sign a couple of weeks ago, and i just added some ribbon to it!!

display boards

i am part of the nashville baptist association's women's missionary union leadership team. each year on the first monday in november we host a world day of prayer for all the women in nashville area baptist churches. this a worldwide event. for the past three years i have helped with this, and it's always a nice time to remember and pray for women and missionaries all around the world. this year i volunteered to "re-vamp" the display boards that we use, and i just finished them last night. i am very excited about how they turned out.
each board represents one of 7 continental unions, and on each board you will see hands that have the countries in the union printed on them, a map highlighting the area, and two icons that represent the area...that's what was the most fun!!
this is north america (my least favorite, because i couldn't think of anything to put on it, and with only three countries, it looks a bit bare!)

this is for the carribbean

asia (that's a fan and the taj mahal)

latin america (soccer ball and maracas!!)

the southwest pacific (includes australia, hence the kangaroo sign =))

this is europe with lots of countries!! and a closeup of st. basil's cathedral.

and last but not least, africa...and a closeup of mr. zebra

i pray that the world day of prayer is an awesome event for all those who are involved in planning one and all those attend, and that all the people prayed for on monday feel God's love!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

a giveaway

a blog that i read daily is hosting a giveaway of a great decorating book...go over to southernhospitality and check it out! rhoda has a great style, and is always posting great ideas!!


janna tagged me to answer 7 things you never knew about me. i'm pretty open, so this is hard, but here goes:

1. i do not regret getting my first tattoo (yet!).
2. i like to listen to classical music sometimes.
3. one day i'd like to own a shop that sells custom invites, fun gifts, and crafty home decor items.
4. i love the tv show monk...i watch it every morning before work.
5. i google EVERYTHING...really, EVERYTHING!!
6. i have always challenged myself to be orderly in random things (coloring the pictures in coloring books in order, eating pudding cups in very small, methodical layers, walking the same route to get my mail every time)
7. i have dreams that seem like soap operas, where i dream about the same thing for weeks, but i can usually only remember a few vague things about them.

i tag anyone who reads this and has a blog =)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

a sweet sunday, and a teaser!!

what a blessing it is to hear loud and clear God's voice. in worship this morning the focus was colossians 3:1-17. the heading for this section is "rules for holy living"....sometimes we just need a reminder of what God expects from us. this morning i was very worshipful during the music, and felt God's prescence more than i have in a great while.

this afternoon was great, too...melissa came in for the afternoon, and i was able to meet her, janna, john, and alana for a quick lunch. when i got home i worked on laundry, and lots of it, and worked on some display boards i have been needing to get done...i will have pictures when i get them done, i'm excited with how they are turning out.

i also made this little ditty this afternoon....i moved cubicles at work last week, so i am redecorating my new one...going all out. this is just little preview=) more pictures when i get done!!
these flowers have been on my table for two weeks!! there were a lot more when i first got them, but these few are still going strong...i love fresh flowers =)

my mema's

this coming thursday is my mema's birthday, so my mom and i made the treck to franklin on saturday to visit her! we went to the grocery store with her, and when we got back we had a great lunch of hamburgers and homemade french fries...yum!!
after lunch mom and i went looking for a couple of things and found this great quilt that mema said i could have. it is very faded and worn, but mema made it, so it is awesome!! mom said that when i spreaded it out it would probably be worn more on one side than the other because my grandfather tucked the covers up under his chin very tightly (which i do, too!), and sure enough she was right! so this quilt was one they used many years ago. i'm not quite sure what i'm going to do with it, since it's way to fragile to actually use, and i don't really have a bed that i don't use, but we'll see!

before we left, mom and i went out in the yard and picked some pears and apples off of mema's trees. i can't wait to eat them, i'm sure they'll be fabulous!!

happy birthday, mema!!

my little punkins =)

friday night i got to have a little halloween party for three of my favorite people -- alana (3), clinton (almost 4), and max (1 1/2). we watched some veggie tales and backyardigans, ate pumpkin and ghost shaped pb&j's, colored scarecrows, decorated pumpkin cookies, painted faces and just generally had a ton of fun!!
mister max

clinton colors a mean scarecrow!

sweet alana

expert cookie decorators!

awww...we give our friends hugs!!

alana and clinton help clean up all the sprinkles!!

ghosts and kitties and pumpkins, oh, my!!

happy halloween!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

truly a blessing

on friday, a very special lady in my life turned 60 years old. my best friend's mother, mrs. morel, (and mr. morel) has always gone above and beyond in order to welcome me into their home, love me, do for me, and make me feel like part of their family. they have both become very good friends, and i was honored to help plan mrs. morel's surprise party!!

janna is telling everyone that they are almost here...hush up now!

after months of planning and scheming (and lots of lies told by janna) the moment was here...

she was genuinely surprised...there was no doubt about that!!

these were the table decorations...festive but simple

my mom and i

the obligatory picture of the three amigos!!

we had everyone write a note to mrs. morel to share a special memory or let her know how she is a blessing in their life...

melissa and i with our second mom!

i just thought this was funny because i hit janna on the arm where she'd had two shots the day before...and mellie snapped the picture at just the right time!!

we all had a great time honoring a wonderful friend, mom, aunt, mamaw, niece, cousin, sister, sister-in-law, etc...happy birthday mrs. morel!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

acteens make me smile

for the past 5 years i have had the distinct pleasure of leading a group of teenage girls in learning about, doing, and giving to missions. each week we meet to talk about missions work and missionaries here in the united states and around the world. often we do hands on missions at church and sometimes we even take to the streets!! below are some pictures of this past sunday when we went on a prayer walk in crieve hall.as we were standing on the corner, lifting up our community in prayer, i was very overwhelmed with emotion when i thought of what the people who would be driving by would think. would they think "what are those teenagers doing?", would they know what we were doing. if they did know, would they be happy or put off? i know that if i had seen a group of teenagers standing on a street corner praying i would have probably teared up...because i do that, but it would make me thankful to know that someone is praying for the world! i thank Jesus for these girls and that they have hearts for Him.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

it's beginning to look a lot like....Christmas, really???

so this weekend has been a blast. janna, melissa and i started talking about going away for a weekend this year before this year even started. janna and i both turned 30 this year and melissa will in 2009, so instead of gifts we wanted to do it up right!! we bid on and won a weekend stay at the wingate hotel in cool springs at an auction, so that was our home base friday and saturday night, which was very nice. friday night we went to the cheesecake factory and stopped at the walgreen's (with Christmas trees in the windows already!!!), then went back to the hotel and hung out.

saturday we stopped at several shops and just enjoyed each others company, as usual =) then met john to get alana and made our way to hill center for their fashion fair. we saw a couple of fashion shows, shopped some, had dinner at five guys and enjoyed the music very much!!

that night we went down town to go to the wildhorse, but they were having a concert we didn't want to pay $20, so we ventured around for a while and headed back to the hotel yet again. we just stayed up for a while visiting and watching tv, then got up sunday and lounged around the room for a while before meeting the morel's, alana and john for lunch corky's.

we had a great weekend, and i am very thankful for my two sister-friends!! here's to a great third - not thirtieth!! - decade!!