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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


janna tagged me to answer 7 things you never knew about me. i'm pretty open, so this is hard, but here goes:

1. i do not regret getting my first tattoo (yet!).
2. i like to listen to classical music sometimes.
3. one day i'd like to own a shop that sells custom invites, fun gifts, and crafty home decor items.
4. i love the tv show monk...i watch it every morning before work.
5. i google EVERYTHING...really, EVERYTHING!!
6. i have always challenged myself to be orderly in random things (coloring the pictures in coloring books in order, eating pudding cups in very small, methodical layers, walking the same route to get my mail every time)
7. i have dreams that seem like soap operas, where i dream about the same thing for weeks, but i can usually only remember a few vague things about them.

i tag anyone who reads this and has a blog =)

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