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Thursday, October 30, 2008

my cube redo!!

last friday i moved cubes (we have a temp that started this week, so she got my cube), anyway, i was glad to move....i love new spaces =) so, i put my decorating hat on and made my new cube more homey!! below are the overhead bins...i just cut scrapbook paper and stuck it on with double stick tape, then covered it with clear contact paper.
here's some photos and my favorite jack memorabilia (my bobble head and magic 8-ball)
i got this wire thingy from tj maxx when i moved into my condo, and i love it, i just didn't have anywhere to hang it at home, but it works great here!!
i have had this plant longer than any plant ever...the long vines actually go to the top of the cube wall.
my inbox, i just added a bunch of ribbons and yarn.
here's a closeup of my pencil holder (the small hemingway hurricane from southern living =) and other stuff i use a lot.
a close up of the lights strung up underneath my overhead bins. i put little bunches of ribbon all along there.
i brought this little table from home, my cube sweet cube sign from before, and an old southern living candlestick...i am taking a candle for it tomorrow.
maria gave me this super cute sign a couple of weeks ago, and i just added some ribbon to it!!


John, Janna, and Alana said...

You are so coming to my office to help me decorate. I love it. The scrapbook paper covering the doors looks awesome!!!

Lauren Orser said...

you are waaaaaayyyyy tooooo creative. i think you might have a disease:) no, acutally, i'm just extremely jealous of you. love ya!!!