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Thursday, October 30, 2008

display boards

i am part of the nashville baptist association's women's missionary union leadership team. each year on the first monday in november we host a world day of prayer for all the women in nashville area baptist churches. this a worldwide event. for the past three years i have helped with this, and it's always a nice time to remember and pray for women and missionaries all around the world. this year i volunteered to "re-vamp" the display boards that we use, and i just finished them last night. i am very excited about how they turned out.
each board represents one of 7 continental unions, and on each board you will see hands that have the countries in the union printed on them, a map highlighting the area, and two icons that represent the area...that's what was the most fun!!
this is north america (my least favorite, because i couldn't think of anything to put on it, and with only three countries, it looks a bit bare!)

this is for the carribbean

asia (that's a fan and the taj mahal)

latin america (soccer ball and maracas!!)

the southwest pacific (includes australia, hence the kangaroo sign =))

this is europe with lots of countries!! and a closeup of st. basil's cathedral.

and last but not least, africa...and a closeup of mr. zebra

i pray that the world day of prayer is an awesome event for all those who are involved in planning one and all those attend, and that all the people prayed for on monday feel God's love!

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