Just Because

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

busy saturday!

so this past saturday was much fun!! in the morning i met melissa, john, janna and alana for breakfast and then we went to the farmer's market and bicentennial mall...

this is alana being silly at breakfast!! the farmer's market was much fun, as we just looked around all of the beautiful fresh produce and the fake designer purses...that's always fun. i got some cherries and peaches..very yummy!!

after the farmer's market i went to ava grace's first birthday party...boy does that little girl have lots of folks that love her!! it was a great party just watching her enjoying all the people!

after that i went to probably one of the prettiest weddings ever!! valerie, a girl i work with, got married in pulaski, tn on her family farm. her mom took a pole barn (a barn with no walls) and poured concrete on the floor of it. that's where the reception was...there was fabric draped on the poles and lots of flowers every where. the kids were playing in the creek right beside the barn...it was so lovely!! i will get some pictures up soon (they're at home, and i'm a work right now).

Thursday, June 19, 2008

do you journal?

do you? i have off and on from time to time since i was in high school...the longest was when i was 19-20 or so. i actually filled up two spiral notebooks, and during that time it almost seemed like things in my life weren't real unless they were written in my journal. about 3 months ago i started writing everyday. sometimes it is a prayer, sometimes just a list of what i did that day, sometimes a few pages about things that are going on. the only rule i have about my journal is that every page doesn't have to look the same. i used to get hung up on making it look perfect, but now i have let go of that. if i want to draw or doodle or write quotes, scriptures, lists, whatever....it's ok! i have slacked off on writing the past few weeks and a friend encouraged me to pick it back up, which i finally did today. just putting pen to paper makes me feel calm for some reason. so pick up a pen and get to writin'!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

time flies when you're having fun!!

so the past couple of weeks have been out of control!! i have been flying by the seat of pants!! it has been lots of fun, but very tiring!!

a couple of weeks ago at work we had a shower for valerie, who is getting married this weekend...this is her in the famous pink feather boa that has been a part of three bachelorette parties at work:

the rest of that weekend was lunch with the girls......andrea's bachelorette party(fun times!!)...

...and max's first birthday

the next week (last week) at work was a pretty big meeting that i had a big part in planning...here are some pics from that!

there was a monkey theme and a worker at the hotel even asked if we were having a party for a daycare!! after the meeting we did some team building at dave and buster's (yes that's me on ddr) and then went to the general jackson. it was an absolute blast, but i was completely exhausted!!
the weekend was busy, too...worked friday night and went to andrea's wedding on sat. night. it was beautiful and she was beautiful, we had a great time. we took pics with brittni's camera and i don't have those yet. i'm glad this week has not been quite as tiring, i have gotten back to some semblance of routine and am resting up.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

mister max turns one!!

maxwell todd milliken is a year old already!?!?! it seems like only yesterday i was runnung around the hospital with the camera attached to my hand taking tons of pics on his birth day like this one...

here is a pic of him 2 haircuts, a few teeth and 11 months later...

happy birthday mister max...i love you!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

home at last!

so i am finally home from house/dog sitting. don't get me wrong...i am very glad i was able to do it, but it sure is nice to be home!! even better is that my house is clean (sadly, a rare occurance lately). maggie, bless her heart, has been all over me tonight. she is just starved for attention, poor kitty!
this weekend is going to be a whirlwind...tomorrow afternoon at work we are having a little shower/party for valerie, who is getting married in a couple of weeks, then i am working tomorrow night so i will be able to go to andrea's bachelorette party sat. night. i am meeting corrie and janna for lunch sat., then to the party. sunday is church, then max's bday party, then"movie" night at danica's...whew...it's slightly tiring just thinking about it!! how blessed i am, though to have great friends to do all this stuff with!! i will try to get it together enough to grab my camera and post some pics of all the happenings=)
much love~

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

the dogs...

these are the dogs i've been living with the past week...
taylor-the only boy, and the old, wise one of the group. he has a sweet spirit.

fargo-she's spunky. she always barks when it's time to go outside, and if you tell her to go get the mail, she will walk to the mailbox and wait for you, then walk right back to the house...that's a smart one!

dakota-she is the protector of the bunch. she is very territorial, and growled at me one time when i tried to lay in the bed (she was laying where i wanted to be)...very well behaved otherwise, though!

hershey-she's the baby, and a hurricane katrina rescue dog. she is definitely still a puppy (likes to play and jump)...she is the only one that stays in a kennel during the day, and she's really good about it. you just tell her "go get in your bed" and in she goes, no fuss!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

a few pics

so someone told me that i needed to put some pictures up here. i am still dog sitting, and i don't have my camera, so below are just some recent pics from my fabulous life =P
for kim's bday (may 6) i took some pictures of clinton and max

this is mema and my mom on mother's day. one of our recent traditions is that we take pictures of the three of us each mother's day...i didn't like the one with me it, so this is what you get =)

this is an orange blossom at the edge of mema's porch...she has always had an amazing green thumb!

absolutely the most impressive thing i've seen in a while...melissa killed the limbo at janna's bday party and luau...just another reason why i love her so much =) how low can ya go?
little miss alana was pretty good, too i might add!! i love that she is at the age where she mimics people. oh, the joys of being young! oh, the joys of watching the young!
so there you have it...a few pictures of some of my favorite things...i hope you enjoy them as much as i do!

Monday, June 2, 2008


so i finished 33 pages this weekend...not too shabby! before last weekend i had not really scrapbooked for about two years (since i started at trevecca). i know this may sound silly, but i feel like i am back among the living, now! when i scrapbook events that mean something to me, it makes them real, and not having committed any of the many events of the past three years to an album was very strange to me. when i am able to reflect on the people and happenings in my life i am so much more greatful for them. looking at the time when alana was born, and how thankful we all were that she was ok, having been born 6 weeks early...looking at pictures of "my" acteens and all of the work we (meaning they) have done...looking at the many cards loved ones have sent me for my birthday and Christmas (even though I've been a slacker the past few years in that area!!)...these things remind me that God has surrounded me with incredible people who love Him. thank you Father God for all of the wonderful people in my life who love you, and in turn love those around them!

so, my house/dog sitting gig is almost up... i think the doggy owners are coming home tomorrow (my co-worker's sister passed away friday, and the funeral is this morning). i know the pups are glad they will be home because even though i take pretty good care of them, i'm sure it's not the same!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

the count so far

so i know everyone is on the edge of their seats wanting to know how much scrapping has been done....20 pages!! not bad for friday night and saturday until about 4:30 (i worked last night). it has been nice to look back over pictures that are almost 3 years old now...from right around when alana was born through the end of 2005. my goal for today is 2006, so we shall see!

it's a rainy day here in columbia, where i am doggy sitting taylor, fargo, dakota, and hershey. hopefully the rain will stop at some point so they can spend some time outside today!