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Monday, February 16, 2009

movie reviews by me!

this weekend seemed to be the time for me to watch some movies i'd been wanting to catch, so i did just that! on friday night, kim and i watched mamma mia. we had been to the play when it was here in nashville a couple of years ago, so we were excited to see it on screen.
of course it wasn't the same as the stage show, but it was really good. at times it seemed like they were just singing song after song, but that is what makes mamma mia mamma mia, so that was just fine. i loved meryl streep and her two friends, their chemistry was great! and i also loved the greek chorus...it seemed like they would just pop up out of no where and start singing and dancing, but it wasn't like "oh, where did they come from?" it worked.
i had been wanting to see the secret life of bees since i heard it was coming out. i read the book a few years ago and loved it, and i'm always curious to see how they translate books to screen. they did a wonderful job this time!
if you haven't read the book or seen the movie, the secret life of bees is the story of lilly owens (dakotah fanning) and the boatwright family she comes to live with when she is 14 years old. the movie is set during 1964, just after the civil rights act is signed. the boatwright sisters live in tiberon, south carolina, and own a home and a good bit of land. august boatwright (queen latifah) tends the bees and takes lilly under her wing. this is a sweet story of a young girl desperate to find out who she is. a good girl power movie!!
this next movie, I had not heard of until i was looking at the redbox on friday. the lucky ones stars tim robbins (which is why i rented it), rachel mcadams, and michael pena. they are u.s.army soldiers all on leave from the war. as luck would have it, they end up traveling cross country (new york to las vegas) in a mini van. along the way they have many mishaps and there are many points when you think "oh, this is it, they are going their separate ways after this one!"
although these three are pretty much strangers, they come to know each other on a very deep level and kind of straighten out their lives along the way. although there is some language and other inappropriate talk, i thought this was definitely worth watching.

when i saw the preview for the bucket list at the theatre, i thought it would be a good rental. and it was. i'm glad i didn't pay to see it in the theatre, but it was a nice movie. i usually like both jack nicholson and morgan freeman, and did again in this movie, there were just a few points were i was thinking, "when are they going to die, already?" i really liked the ending...i love when movies bring things full circle, and it did make me think about what i'd put on my own bucket list if i had one. not bad for a lazy sunday afternoon!
so there's my completely unsolicited opinion of 4 recent movies!! have you seen these? or others that have been good lately? leave me a comment and let me know!