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Monday, June 2, 2008


so i finished 33 pages this weekend...not too shabby! before last weekend i had not really scrapbooked for about two years (since i started at trevecca). i know this may sound silly, but i feel like i am back among the living, now! when i scrapbook events that mean something to me, it makes them real, and not having committed any of the many events of the past three years to an album was very strange to me. when i am able to reflect on the people and happenings in my life i am so much more greatful for them. looking at the time when alana was born, and how thankful we all were that she was ok, having been born 6 weeks early...looking at pictures of "my" acteens and all of the work we (meaning they) have done...looking at the many cards loved ones have sent me for my birthday and Christmas (even though I've been a slacker the past few years in that area!!)...these things remind me that God has surrounded me with incredible people who love Him. thank you Father God for all of the wonderful people in my life who love you, and in turn love those around them!

so, my house/dog sitting gig is almost up... i think the doggy owners are coming home tomorrow (my co-worker's sister passed away friday, and the funeral is this morning). i know the pups are glad they will be home because even though i take pretty good care of them, i'm sure it's not the same!!

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John, Janna, and Alana said...

It would take me a month to scrapbook 33 pages. I am impressed. I think I am going to bring over all of Alana's stuff for her first album and have you knock it out. Then we will lie and say I did it. Whatcha' think?