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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

a few pics

so someone told me that i needed to put some pictures up here. i am still dog sitting, and i don't have my camera, so below are just some recent pics from my fabulous life =P
for kim's bday (may 6) i took some pictures of clinton and max

this is mema and my mom on mother's day. one of our recent traditions is that we take pictures of the three of us each mother's day...i didn't like the one with me it, so this is what you get =)

this is an orange blossom at the edge of mema's porch...she has always had an amazing green thumb!

absolutely the most impressive thing i've seen in a while...melissa killed the limbo at janna's bday party and luau...just another reason why i love her so much =) how low can ya go?
little miss alana was pretty good, too i might add!! i love that she is at the age where she mimics people. oh, the joys of being young! oh, the joys of watching the young!
so there you have it...a few pictures of some of my favorite things...i hope you enjoy them as much as i do!

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