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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

the dogs...

these are the dogs i've been living with the past week...
taylor-the only boy, and the old, wise one of the group. he has a sweet spirit.

fargo-she's spunky. she always barks when it's time to go outside, and if you tell her to go get the mail, she will walk to the mailbox and wait for you, then walk right back to the house...that's a smart one!

dakota-she is the protector of the bunch. she is very territorial, and growled at me one time when i tried to lay in the bed (she was laying where i wanted to be)...very well behaved otherwise, though!

hershey-she's the baby, and a hurricane katrina rescue dog. she is definitely still a puppy (likes to play and jump)...she is the only one that stays in a kennel during the day, and she's really good about it. you just tell her "go get in your bed" and in she goes, no fuss!

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Andrea said...

They're beautiful and I'm sure they were a handful!! I know you are probably tired of dog-sitting with that many dogs at one time. But I was curious to see if you were free to dog-sit 2 precious angels a couple of days during the week of June 16-21. You can say no, it won't hurt my feelings. I just thought it would be easier on Mom & Dad and Harvey's parents if we didn't bombard them for the whole week with Mojo & Petey. And it's so much easier to keep them at home and someone stay with them, rather than leave them at someone else's house or the kennel. Mojo is very emotional and needs love, and Petey is very closterphobic and doesn't like unfamiliar places. I swear they are just like kids!!