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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

busy saturday!

so this past saturday was much fun!! in the morning i met melissa, john, janna and alana for breakfast and then we went to the farmer's market and bicentennial mall...

this is alana being silly at breakfast!! the farmer's market was much fun, as we just looked around all of the beautiful fresh produce and the fake designer purses...that's always fun. i got some cherries and peaches..very yummy!!

after the farmer's market i went to ava grace's first birthday party...boy does that little girl have lots of folks that love her!! it was a great party just watching her enjoying all the people!

after that i went to probably one of the prettiest weddings ever!! valerie, a girl i work with, got married in pulaski, tn on her family farm. her mom took a pole barn (a barn with no walls) and poured concrete on the floor of it. that's where the reception was...there was fabric draped on the poles and lots of flowers every where. the kids were playing in the creek right beside the barn...it was so lovely!! i will get some pictures up soon (they're at home, and i'm a work right now).

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