Just Because

Thursday, June 19, 2008

do you journal?

do you? i have off and on from time to time since i was in high school...the longest was when i was 19-20 or so. i actually filled up two spiral notebooks, and during that time it almost seemed like things in my life weren't real unless they were written in my journal. about 3 months ago i started writing everyday. sometimes it is a prayer, sometimes just a list of what i did that day, sometimes a few pages about things that are going on. the only rule i have about my journal is that every page doesn't have to look the same. i used to get hung up on making it look perfect, but now i have let go of that. if i want to draw or doodle or write quotes, scriptures, lists, whatever....it's ok! i have slacked off on writing the past few weeks and a friend encouraged me to pick it back up, which i finally did today. just putting pen to paper makes me feel calm for some reason. so pick up a pen and get to writin'!!


John, Janna, and Alana said...

I do not journal. I have about 5 journals that I have written about a week or less of entries and then I quit. My old counselor felt it was very wise to put my "inner thoughts and feelings on paper." I think I find that very daunting. I don't know why. I think it's good that you are allowing yourself to write "whatever" and "letting it flow." I think I am too rigid or type A personality for that. Can my blog count as my journal? ;)

The Morel Family said...

I love journaling! It has been very good therapy for me lately.