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Thursday, January 14, 2010

helper journals

i love journaling...that's not to say that i do it consistently, but i love the idea of it! at one time i kept a journal consistently for about 2 years...it was almost like something had not really happened in my life until i wrote in my journal. and as silly as i sounded at times, it is kind of nice to go back a read those journals, it reminds me that i have grown up a little bit =)

a few years ago, i gave my friend kim a journal that had some pointers in it as to what to write each day. i thought that was a great idea, but had never seen them again, until this christmas when my aunt juanita gave me this: it's a prayer journal...i love it! this is a sample page. i think if you click on the picture you will be able to see it better.

i have been using it pretty consistently since i got it, and while i don't fill in every section everyday, i do think about each of those things, which is helps me be more reflective.
i was browsing their website the other day and found this book journal:
i thought this would be neat to have because i am always trying to remember what books by a certain author i have read...this is a sample page:

they also have mini (pocket/purse-sized) journals that were cute, and only about $6...the big ones are almost $20. check out all of the titles...they might inspire you!!

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