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Monday, January 11, 2010

i'm still here!

i have not given up on the blog...i just haven't been inspired to update it. i think i feel like i need to have something profound to say or show on here, and i guess i haven't felt like i've anything all that important to say!!

i don't think anyone reads this who does not know me personally (and would therefore know what i've been up to), but i will just list a few things that have filled my time the last half of 2009 (with a few pics for your enjoyment!!)...
  • acteens started back up in the fall, and i began my 7th year as a leader of that group. we have had a great "core" group of girls for the past several years and the oldest one in that group, katie, graduates this year...it will not be the same without her!!

  • i became a part of a new sunday school class at our church. the goal of the class is to welcome newcomers and visitors, and to help them feel like they have a place they belong until they get plugged in to the most fitting class for them. i have really enjoyed getting to know the other folks in the class and our teachers, and of course welcoming people to our church.
  • work has been good, i guess...just rolling with the flow of that and trying to adjust some structural changes and responsibility shifts...pretty much just thankful to have a job!!
  • i started working with a personal trainer sometime in october. the biggest adjustment for me was getting up and exercising before work. i have lost a little over 20 pounds (even a little over the holidays) and am now trying to get re-dedicated to food plan portion of the system.
  • kim's son clinton (in the picture on the side) was diagnosed with a medulloblastoma brain tumor the week before thanksgiving and is in the process of undergoing treatments for that...it has been a roller coaster for them, and i just keep lifting them all up in prayer! if you want to read what's going on, click here
  • christmas was great...i really enjoyed spending time with friends and family this year...not that i don't always enjoy that time, but i really tried to take note of it this year. i also really enjoyed buying and making gifts this year...i tried to put a lot of thought into each one and was really excited to give all of them, instead of just getting something to wrap up.

so that was 2009...now for 2010...what do i plan for 2010???

  • my main focus is to get my finances under control (which is a constant battle for me!!). i have asked my mother to kind of be my accountability partner in this endeavor and will meet with her each month to share my budget and progress. if all goes as planned i will have everything paid off except my house and student loan by the end of the year!!
  • continue working out...thanks to a generous gift from kim, i still have 4 more weeks with the trainer and thanks to my mom, i have a wii fit. with these tools i plan to continue to work out several times a week and try new activities along the way!
  • as always, i plan to eat healthy this year.
  • i plan to blog more and not be so hard on myself about it...i just have remind myself that there are really no rules to this, and that i don't have to have some life changing or hysterically funny post. we'll see!
  • i plan to memorize a bible verse each week. janna wanted to do this with her family and has invited others to join, i think it's great, i mean, who doesn't need a few scriptures in their head!!

  • i am making a conscious effort to spend more time in prayer this year. to purposefully pray and dialogue with God on a daily basis. my aunt gave me a great prayer journal for christmas that has really helped with this!


John, Janna, and Alana said...

Love the post!! And the new header. No rules to blogging. Just put whatever you want, whenever you want.

The Morel Family said...

I'm with you Kacy! I get so upset that I haven't blogged, but really it's just for fun and people enjoy hearing about you no matter what you put.
Also, I'm glad you got the extra workouts! I'm trying to get back on track now with eating...