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Friday, June 3, 2011

the bags

i've been wanting to post this for a while, but wanted to wait until all of the graduates had gotten their bags.  all but one have been received, and i hope to get that one to her on sunday.

just to recap - the girls picked out the fabrics and the pattern of bag they wanted.  i am pretty pleased with how they turned out.

this is ashley's.  this pattern was a bit tricky - that curved part of the band was a bit tougher than i thought it would be!!  this was actually the second of this pattern i did, so it went much faster than the first.  i love the way it turned out!

 they all look wrinkly (is that a word?) on the inside because when you make a bag that's lined, you have to sew the top part together with the whole thing wrong side out, then you have to turn it.  since there is stabilizer ironed to back of the fabric, that turning process makes it all wrinkly.  it has been my experience that once the bag is used for a while those wrinkles will smooth out.
 this is allison's bag - same pattern as above.
 close up of the button and evidence of the trouble i had stitching that darn curve =\
 i love the girliness of the outside and then the playfulness of the peace signs inside.  that button was a fluke find, and i think it works perfect!
 this one is kausha's - as her mom was able to identify just from the fabric pics!
this is the bag that i have made previously, the amy butler birdie sling pattern.
 this is a big, roomy bag.
 another birdie sling bag - this one shannon's - the music girl!
 she will be able to fit all kinds of college stuff in there!!
 this is kayla's - the only one i haven't delivered.  i have to say, pattern-wise, this is my favorite - the one i would most like to make for myself.  it's a big bag, also, and could be used for a tote or a purse.  there is a cute band on the top that comes to a point where the button is - another new thing for me was making that point, but i like the way it turned out!

five fun bags for five awesome girls!! 
i will miss having them around all the time, but i know they are going to do great things in college and beyond!


John, Janna, Alana, Thomas, and James said...

Where's my bag???!!! ha! You did a fabulous job and I know the girls loved them.

100 Percent Cottam said...

those are AWESOME, kacy!

Rebekah said...

Nice! I have the same issues with my linings bunching up.