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Friday, June 24, 2011

for the love of a chair

A few Friday nights ago I started a project that I've had in my head for a long time...and it involved this:

 and some of these...

and this:

 and tearing off lots of this stuff.

You see, I've had this chair for several years (it was my Grandmother's, and one of the great pieces I got when she passed away).  I remember the chair always being in her bedroom.  Those green striped things up there - well, those are part of the chair, and that's the original fabric - great, right?  It's very soft, almost plush, and it just reminds me of my Nanny.

When I moved into my condo, I wanted to have it recovered to match my living room.  That's what the gold and red fabric is.  I have to be honest, I never loved it that way.

A while back, I found a remnant of fabric at Brentwood Interiors (half off because it was already cut), and I immediately thought it would work for the chair, which by then was living in my bedroom.

So I finally got the nerve up to tackle this.  And here is the finished product:
 The tearing apart was some serious manual labor, but it wasn't difficult.  The painting was easy, and actually all of the fabric that was attached to chair was not bad at all. 

I had two problems:
1. Piping - not hard to make, but very hard for me to sew correctly.
2. The Cushion - see this curve?
 and how it fits around the chair back there....that was some tedious stuff, right there!! 
Don't look to closely, it is so very far from perfect (in fact the more I look at this picture, the more I realize I want to go back and see if I can make that piping look better), but I'm glad it's re-covered, and I look forward to making this little corner of my room a place where I can sit and read, do Bible study, and pray.

And I'm happy to say I love this chair again!!

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BumbleBee Bagz said...

I am so in love with that chair!!! it would go PERFECT with my bedroom. you have to peruse my blog and take a look at my room to see what I mean! Its a good thing you dont live closer...that chair may have just dissapeared one day! ;-}