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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

my cup runneth over - with cookies

last week kim was trying to come up with a way to thank all of the students and teachers at clinton's school for all of the support they have provided the family since clinton's diagnosis and treatment so far. they are having a party for him tomorrow since it is the last day he will be there this school year. she, like many of us (me, me, me!) tends to be a perfectionist (aka martha stewart) with things like this, so she didn't want to leave anyone out. that meant we needed a treat for 500 kids and teachers...no problem, right?

right! especially when you have wonderful friends and family who volunteer to help. when we decided what to do, i immediately emailed some wonderful ladies i know and solicited their cookie baking skills. and asked a few in person friday night. we wanted to give each child and teacher a bag with two chocolate chip cookies and a note of thanks from clitnon. within 4 days we had over 1000 cookies! amazing, right?

right! i never doubted that it would work out...not everyone i asked could participate, which i anticipated, and some folks surprised me with their generosity. my mom even made 317 cookies! these 7 ladies/families warmed my heart with their willingness.

here are just a few of the cookies before i went over to kim's to help package them up last night.

this is what i saw when i walked in kim's bedroom last night...she said "we don't have to get done tonight, but we do have get my bed cleaned off!" i wasn't sure that was going to happen, but i just got to work.
kim continued to put the cookies in ziploc bags in the kitchen while...
clinton and i stapled the notes to the bags that were already packed on the bed. he was such a great help, and took his job (and the whole process) very seriously. we talked about what we were doing and why, and he was very excited to get to give the cookies to all of his classmates.
here are some more cookies ready to be put into the lunch bags...have you ever seen so many cookies!?!?
after a long night's work, clinton zonked out on the couch. we did get kim's bed cleaned off, but didn't completely finish, so she did that today.
so clinton is all set to give all of his friends at school a nice treat tomorrow!

thank you, thank you, thank you to all of the cookie bakers - you are truly a blessing in my life! (and not just because you made a bunch of cookies)

oh, yes...max was doing a little monkeying around last night, too!! that boy is a mess...a precious mess!

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