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Thursday, February 11, 2010

an ongoing project

so, i am always starting new projects...and trying to finish just as many (although that doesn't always happen). this one will undoubtedly take a long time, and i am trying not to get burnt out on it before i finish.

i have always liked quilts and am amazed at the handiwork of women of years past who did so much quilting by hand after a long days work in the fields. they made quilts out of flour sacks or fabric scraps from clothing they had made for their family. they made quilts because they needed a blanket, not because they had free time and wanted to showcase their sewing talents. they sat in quilting circles and shared storied of their lives with other women in their family and community. not that my quilt is anything like that, but that whole mind set just fascinates me.

i started thinking about making a quilt last fall, and i am just now really getting into the meat of the project.
i had purchased all of the fabric back before Christmas, and searched and searched the internet for a pattern that i love. i finally came across one that i felt wasn't too country, and easy enough for me to tackle...here it is. it's the daisy chain strippy quilt. i like that there is a pattern to it (because i need that order in my life), and i like that there is a randomness to the width of the strips (because i want the order in my life to look like it's not on purpose). yes, i know how that sounds, but that's how it is.
these are all of the fabrics that i chose. i have black and white in my bedroom now, and love the light blue/aqua/turquoise color with the black and white. i cut the strips last weekend when i was snowed in for three days...it was a time to figure out what there was to do around the house.

this is one of the first blocks i did the other night.

here are two of the blocks together, showing how, when they are next to each other the strips don't match up. i like it!

these are my tools for this job: my trusty, inexpensive sewing machine; my not-so-inexpensive sewing scissors, also trusty; and my fun, pink pin cushion with only teal straight pins...because when i use all different color pens i tend to be obsessed with grouping the like colors together...don't ask!

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John, Janna, and Alana said...

love love love the patterns. i will expect a quilt for my 50th birthday, you have plenty of time to work on it. :)