Just Because

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


so, i found some great dinnerware at target last fall that i really like. the problem is that i was going to buy it in parts, and before i got finished buying it, they quit carrying it...and i can't find it anywhere now....so eventually i am going to have to buy something else. i was just looking around on the internet and i think i have fallen in love...meet fitz and floyd's line called global market
lots of bright colors, wonderful floral pattern...

the bowls, cups, plates, etc. come in red, blue and the one above called motif..
the colors don't exactly match the southern living stuff currently have out in the kitchen, but it's all about "blendy, blendy not matchy, matchy", right?

the colors are so rich and vibrant...

and seriously, how could you deny this bird - i think it's the cutest little thing i ever did see!


John, Janna, and Alana said...

I knew you were going to insert the "blendy, blendy not matchy, matchy" somewhere in you blog!!!

kacyd said...

As harsh as that girl was, she has change my (decorating) life!!