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Friday, March 12, 2010

my birthday (two weeks later)

where have i been!?!?! well, nowhere really - just not here =)
yes, my birthday was monday, march 1 (almost 2 weeks ago for those who are calendar challenged), and it was GREAT!! the week before my mom and i got to hang out and have lunch together, then the friday night before i went to dinner with friends (pictures to follow) and on my actual birthday i was taken to lunch at work and then my dad came over that night and took me to dinner...wow written out, that sounds like a lot of eating - but we are in the south, right!?

we started friday night at pei wei in brentwood - good stuff! mister max was ready for the party!!

clinton - too cute!!

alana is a master of the chopsticks...she impressed me!!

clinton so wanted me to open my gifts and was a bit disappointed that there was only one to unwrap! i was not disappointed, though - the cards have the good stuff, right?

you can't beat leftovers!

kim, clinton, and i - and max hiding behind kim - he got camera shy!

man, i love that smile!! so glad they got to come to dinner and to panera for coffee and dessert after! we sat back in the corner so the kids could play a little.

alana says "no more pictures!"

not unless she's taking them that is - more on this later!!

mr. and mrs. morel, janna, and alana

if i remember correctly i think melissa was doing a little dance here...you can't ever tell!! i am so glad she came down for the weekend!

after dinner melissa, janna and i went to my house to visit with each other...and as you can tell by what's in janna's hand, we broke out the wii - super mario brothers to be exact! it was great!!

thanks to everyone who is special to me for making my birthday so special!!

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Melissa said...

All I can say is that I am blessed to call you friend and sister! Love you.