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Monday, March 15, 2010

the cutest little pouches

last week i was looking for a purse pattern to use to make a quick purse to donate to the youth auction at church and i came across a new blog: made by rae. she's got some great stuff on there! she had "celebrate the boy" month in february and there on tons of cute ideas for little boy things! one of her guest posts for the month was from traci at amazing mae. also some great stuff on her site - so much sewing talent and so many wonderful ideas - just more things on my want to do list! in traci's guest post on rae's blog she did these wonderful trinket bags - too cute!! and easy!! i made three this weekend - check 'em out!

this one is a little camera bag for my co-worker maria, and the first one i made.

this was actually the third one i made. also a camera bag - but for me!

this is what i call the "rock star" - it's for clinton for his nintendo ds.
here's a close up of the star - not perfect, but not too bad for a novice!

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Melissa said...

You are sooooo talented. And what are you talking about the star is perfect. The one you made for yourself is so you. :)