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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

kitchen redo - part 1

i unexpectedly had the day off of work on monday, so i decided to tackle my kitchen cabinets...as i posted here my plan was to paint them a soft teal/robin's egg blue color...it's ralph lauren emperor...and even the paint chip made me happy, so i went with it.

here are my cabinets on monday morning about 8:30

about 9:00am sometime during the priming process...please ignore my disorganized cabinets...that's a task for another day!
this is about 7:30pm when i had primed and painted 2 coats on all the doors and set them around my living room to dry completely for the night.

and this is last night when after i re-hung all the doors...i like it a lot!! and yes, i should have vacuumed that rug!!
here is some of the top and bottom together - this color really lightened up the whole kitchen, and i am so glad i finally did this...now i am just more motivated to get on with the rest of the project!!


John, Janna, and Alana said...

Shut up!!!! It looks freaking awesome!! Can't wait to see it in person. Good for you for remember BEFORE and after pics. I am a little disappointed you didn't show us step by step, but you know we're not perfect. ;)

It's a Mom Thing said...

that is beautiful, kacy! i love it and can't wait to see it person sometime!

i think that would be a pretty color for my bathroom, too. what do you think?

kacyd said...

i love the color - i think it would be great for your bathroom. it's a great tone that wouldn't be to much in a small space.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Kacy, what a beautiful, happy color! Thanks for telling me about it, I just love your blue kitchen.

TRS said...

Wow! Nice change. I would have been afraid to do that. Gutsy - great results!!!

Beth said...

this looks great!!! I love the color you chose. This inspires me to think about painting my ugly cabinets :)