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Monday, February 22, 2010

do you know polyvore?

that's not the name of a new super model or movie star, it's a really cool website where you can go make inspiration boards for your next home design project. i saw it on a really cool blog
that i check out pretty regularly. i went and checked it out last week, and i'm hooked!

this is what i worked up for my living room. of course this will stay in this inspiration board form for some time, since the only piece of this room i actually own right now is the wooden trunk.
each idea board has a list connected with it to show where you can get the items and most of them have a link to the website and the price. that's right nifty! although you might not buy exactly what you find, you can get an idea of what you are looking for. (click on this picture to make it big enough to read)

and i found this chair, which i love...it's from pier one. wonderfully cheery! not terribly expensive. not a bad combination.

this is a room i did with dior one night, just messing around with some fun stuff.

you can look at other people's boards, too, which is fun. this one is fresh and fabulous!
and you can also make fashion boards (which is really what polyvore is geared toward). there are lots of these to look at!
fun stuff. go see what you can find on polyvore.

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Melissa said...

Lots to dream towards! I love your idea board.