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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

~deck the halls~

have you decked your halls yet? we have a short decorating season this year, if you waited until after Thanksgiving, that is =) i decorated last weekend and keep making small small changes every day...i am going to take pictures of my decorations and some of the gifts i have done so far. i will up load them tonight or in the morning.
when do you decorate? leave me a comment!!


John, Janna, and Alana said...

You know normally I decorate the day after Thanksgiving. We are going to get our tree on Saturday. My first real tree. I am pretty excited. :)

kacyd said...

mom used to get a real tree...it's nice in ways...the only bad part is trying to keep it alive, and cleaning up the pine needles. i think you all will have fun with it though!! let me know when y'all are decorating, i'd love to come and make some popcorn garland!! there are tons of easy and cheap ornament ideas, too!!

It's a Mom Thing said...

Maybe you should drive up here and help me. I am just in no mood to decorate this year. B helped me get our stuff out today. And I should be putting it up now while the kids are sleeping, but I'm blogging instead. Argh. I'm doing a little this year but nothing like I normally do.

Your place looks so cute! Can't wait to see it! Go to www.boomama.com. She usually hosts a Christmas Tour of Homes that is really fun.

Melissa said...

Janna, you are getting a real tree...I am so jealous. FYI, I realize I'm probably not supposed to blog back to Janna on this page, but cut me some slack please as a non-blogger =)

Melissa said...

I have already decorated with my few Christmas decorations and put up my tree (actually 5 international friends really put up my tree, I just put on one, count it one, ornament). I also must confess that as the fall and Christmas seasons are so short, I have fall decorations still on my kitchen table and my Christmas tree in the bay window. And since I will be the only one at my apartment for winter break I am keeping the tree up for as long as possible...probably till after the new year!