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Monday, November 17, 2008

it's the most wonderful time of the year

i always love this time of year! it's getting cold, plans for thanksgiving and Christmas are being made, and people are talking about making soups and chili and curling up by the fire. it is just so cozy!! this year i have decided to craft most of the Christmas gifts i am giving, so i have already started on those. i've ordered christmas cards, and am completing my address list.

as i get older, i cherish the holiday season more and more each year. i don't have the same excitement and anticipation (mostly of what santa was bringing) that i did when i was a child, but i do have a warmth in my heart and look forward to it just the same. one thing that i am trying to do is remember the times and things that i am thankful for each day. i have started writing one or two things in my planner each day that i am thankful for. whether it is something very simple or more complex, i am just trying to think of something each day to be thankful for. i think as the holiday season approaches and i continue to do this, it will give me a chance to reflect on each day, and then i will be able to look back and not just remember the hustle and bustle (which i also love), but also the sweet times with friends and family, the awesome traditions, and the God moments.

so take time in the next couple of months to slow down now and then to cherish the things that matter most...

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John, Janna, and Alana said...

Did you say "cozy by the fire?" Please you are anti-fire, so I don't want to see you mention this in another blog!!! :)