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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas addictions

over at buzzingsofaqueenbee carrie listed her addictions of the holiday season and challenged her readers to do the same, so here goes (in no particular order):
  • Christmas music - seriously, i listen to Christmas music from Thanksgiving night straight though to Christmas. i pretty much like it all (the that darn Christmas shoes song...i really don't like that song!), but some of my favorites are: the bing crosby white Christmas cd, dominic the donkey, and joy to the world.

  • baking - i just feel the need to bake at Christmas. last year i made two peppermint ice cream cakes.
  • taking off of work - again, i just feel the need for this. i always take off a few days around Christmas. this year i am taking the whole week of Christmas and am scrapbooking as much as i can....WAHOO!!!
  • Christmas lights - i don't usually go out just to look at the lights, but i thoroughly enjoy the ones that i see while i am out and about.
  • Christmas eve - besides visiting family on Christmas day, this is my favorite tradition....every Christmas eve we go to Christmas eve service at church, then head over to the morel homestead for lots of great food and wonderful times with friends!! it just feels right!!
  • treats - i am all about the food and drink that only comes at the holidays. my grandmother used to always make haystacks and peanut butter balls and yum yum....and I always enjoy a bit of egg nog and apple cider!!

what are your Christmas addicitons?

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