Just Because

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

a gift for me?

so last night i got home and it was all dark and rainy, and i see a huge box sitting on my front porch. now, i have ordered a few things for Christmas, but i always have that stuff shipped to my office, besides that, i know i have not ordered anything big enough to require such a large box. so as i get out of the car and go up to the porch i see the oranges on the outside of the box, and remember that last year i got the same thing...a big box of oranges and grapefruits addressed to the people who lived in my condo before i bought it.
this is the huge box...half oranges and half red grapefruit.
here's my question...knowing that they were not addressed to me, was it wrong for me to have opened them? my thought is that i don't have anyway of getting in touch with the folks the fruit is addressed to, and if i send them back wouldn't they go bad soon (not to mention with the weather we've had the box probably would not have made it outside much longer).

i plan to give a lot of the fruit away...there's about 35 oranges and 20 grapfruits (which i am not a huge fan of anyway). and today i thought i might make some orange marmalade. i love orange marmalade!! what else can i do with oranges?