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Monday, March 31, 2014

10 Things I've learned from watching WAY too much TV

Just a few random observations I've made over my long TV watching career ...
10. Bad guys have really bad aim (especially when shooting good guys).
9. Reality TV has been given the wrong name – I’ve never seen a show anywhere close to my reality. Admittedly that would be a pretty boring show, but still.
Really, insert ANY "reality" show here. ANY show.
8. Apparently there is some anti-gravity gadget that I haven’t been told about, because when people on TV pack a bag it's pretty much weightless.
7. Everyone lies, and eventually these lies will become public knowledge. Just wait.
6. It's all just a dream.
5. Wearing the same clothes twice is not acceptable. Where are these people keeping all these clothes?
4. Men & women cannot just be friends – eventually one will fall for the other.

3. Big Brother is ALWAYS watching. I mean have you seen what they can find on traffic cams!?!?
2. Never hang out with doctors – something bad always happens when they’re around.
1. You never REALLY know someone.
Enough said.

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