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Sunday, May 25, 2014

In my Studio - Part 2 - Before and Demo (kind of)

The time has come to get started on my studio project! Below are a few "before" pictures after Melissa cleared all her stuff out yesterday.  I use quotes because I pretty much started ripping up the carpet right away, and had to lay a big section back down to take these.
It's an average size bedroom, 2 windows, closet, etc. Pretty normal.
I love this built in shelf in the closet!

The carpet is pretty dingy - I'm guessing, but I'm pretty sure it's been here since the condos were built - about 30 years ago.
Here are the sub-floors! I was SHOCKED at how easy it was to pull this up.  I pretty much just tugged on the corner and it came right up.  Pretty basic MDF board underneath, from what I can tell, I think with a little wood putty and sanding I should be pretty good to go to paint it.

This afternoon I finished pulling all the carpet up (the shelf in the closet was built after the carpet was put in, so that was a bit challenging).  I am not sure if it's legal or not, but I put all the carpet and padding in the dumpster.  That part was gross - I probably should have worn a mask. Bleh. Then I pulled out all the staples that had been holding the padding down.
My next task will be to get this strip of wood up.  I have discovered I don't have a proper tool to do this, so I'll have to borrow something.
I am super excited to get going on this!
I have pretty much nailed down my color scheme, I will do a separate post on that ... you know, for suspense!! Stay tuned!! 

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