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Thursday, March 20, 2014

My Journey to Better Health - A Progress Report

I just wanted to check in here and let folks know I’m doing – and also have this as a record for myself.
I have been on this journey since January 6, so about 10 ½ weeks.  Here’s what I’m doing:
I make a choice each day to stay on this journey and to trust God that He is with me. I have bible verses and quotes posted around to encourage me. I stop and pray about certain food choices that I’m faced with.  There is no way I could do any of this on my own, and since I’ve realized this, my path is so much clearer. This journey is doable.
·         I try to drink a gallon of water every day. I’ve heard for years that drinking half your body weight in oz. each day aids in weight loss.  For example if you weigh 200 pounds, drinking 100 oz. of water each day will aid in weight loss. While I don’t follow this formula exactly, I do find that drinking water helps me feel full throughout the day.  I keep a half gallon jar on my desk at work which helps a ton – if the water is there I am much more likely to drink it.
           Taking several vitamins and supplements. My doctor advised I need to take vitamin D, as I was pretty low the last time I had my labs done, so I take that. I also take calcium, apple cider vinegar tablet, multi vitamin, and omega-3 (because I know that’s good for you and I’m just not going to be someone who eats a lot of fish).

    Working on moving more.  This one took a while for me to get into…but I’m getting there.  I got a Fitbit Flex about 3 weeks ago.  This little device keeps track of how many steps you take in a day, the intensity of these steps, calories burned, distance, and how long you sleep at night.  The goal is to get 10,000 steps each day, which I have only reached twice so far, but I guarantee I am walking more than I was. I have started parking further away at work, walking during my break time, and doing some type of exercise 3-4 nights a week at home.

           I log everything I put in my mouth. Myfitnesspal has been awesome accountability for me.  I log everything I eat and drink, exercise and weight loss.  You can do this on your phone through the app, or on their website.  What I like best is that you can invite friends to follow along with you. They can see what you’re eating, you’re exercise, etc – and you can support and encourage each other. My streak for logging is at 75 day (tomorrow) and I don’t intend to break that streak any time soon!
          Eating out WAY less often. OK, confession time here: Before I started this journey it was entirely possible for me to eat out 3 times a day. I rarely went to the grocery store (like maybe once a month). Since January this number has been cut drastically.  I don’t know how many times I’ve eaten out, but the majority of these times have been while I was on vacation.  To be honest, it’s just easier to eat “my own food” since I know what’s in it and how to log it better. Surprisingly, I don’t really miss this all that much.
          Eating way less processed foods, more fruits and veggies, organic where possible. Overall, I’m just trying to make healthier choices.  I’m not following any certain plan or program, but I try to buy organic fruits and vegetables when I can. When I read about all the chemicals and junk that are in a lot of produce and processed foods, it just makes sense that I want as little of that in my body as possible. I usually shop at my local Kroger, because it’s close, but I have gone to Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s a few times, too.  These stores have a better selection of organic/all-natural items.  I am not really eating sweets, and trying to have a lot less sugar than before as well.  Sugar is in SO. MANY. THINGS. It is certainly hard to stay away from it altogether, but being aware of what’s in your food makes it easier to monitor.

And here’s how I’m doing:
·         I've lost just over 30 pounds.
·         My clothes fit better – some are too loose. I put on a pair of pants this morning that I used to wear all the time, but haven’t been able to in a couple of years.  It’s very satisfying to see these changes!
·         I have a ton more energy than I used to.  Especially with these few beautiful days we’ve had lately, I am so excited to get home and get outside and walk when I can.

I’m nowhere near where I’d like to be, but each day that I get up and choose to take the next step is a success!

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