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Friday, July 25, 2008

i've been crafting!!

here are three projects i have done this summer...just wanted to share =)

i got this table and chairs at the flea market at the end of june...the chairs are actually pretty comfortable, but the paint was rusty and, well...boring...
so i re-vamped it..how fun is that? it only took two cans of spray paint and about 1/2 a yard of fabric!! i love sitting out there for breakfast and reading, or working on my computer!! next i decided to add a little excitement to my laundry area...

i saw this project of craftster.org, so i thought it'd be fun to try and liven up my little laundry closet!! i mean, who wouldn't love to do laundry with these on the walls!! they are laundry instruction symbols...these are 'wash cold' and 'line dry' these are 'iron medium heat' and 'bleach'
ok, here is the last one...i found this old birdcage in my mema's basement on mother's day...it was very rusty and she had stuffed some other old junk into it. when i asked her if i could have it she said "what would you want with that old thing?" i sanded it really well and put a good coat of paint on it and now it's a fun plant container!!

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Magpie Interior Design said...

Oh my! I seriously LOVE all of these projects! Awesome job!

Thanks for the comments also!