Just Because

Monday, August 11, 2008


so it's monday...again!! why is it that some weekends i feel like i need to come back to work to get some rest, and others, i feel like a complete sloth!! this weekend i did pretty much nothing!! i mean, i did some laundry, clean the kitchen, worked sat. night, went to a planning meeting at church yesterday, washed my car, and went to the grocery store....but i had a lot more things on my never ending list that i didn't do. when i list all the stuff like that, i feel a little better, but i know i could have gotten a lot more things done than i did!! some weekends i am so productive, nothings going to stop me, i surprise myself with how much i get done, and then some weekends, it's all i can do to get up in the morning!! i guess that's just how it goes!! i hope to get some things done (house cleaning-wise) in the evenings this week so i can do some crafty things next weekend!!

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