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Thursday, April 28, 2011

this whole "marathon" thing

so, i'm doing this on saturday:
the half part. not the full - i'm not totally dilusional.

so we'll be walking

and i'm actually excitied about it!

this all came about back in january when janna suggested that we do this as a way to honor Thomas and be more heart healthy.  i thought this would be a great way to honor Thomas and Clinton.

we started training in january, following a plan by hal higdon.

on that cold day in january, melissa and i took our first steps to training for the half marathon by walking 3 miles.  it was so cold that day, and i was sure i'd never make it.

there have been many many walks since then. our last long walk was this past weekend, and my mom and i walked 10 miles. it was a slow one, but i felt like i could have done 3 more miles.  according to the application on my phone i use to track mileage, i've walked over 120 miles. if you had told me i would have been doing this a year ago, i would have laughed in your face.  i just don't do stuff like this!!

there have been several points during this journey, while i was walking, and while i was hurting from walking, that i thought "there is no way. i won't ever be able to finish this."  i have prayed about it a lot, and often when i am walking i just beg God to keep me upright and help my feet keep moving.  and so far he has shown grace by allowing me to finish the training, and still be going. 

i also think about Thomas and Clinton a lot.  all they have been through, and all their families have been through - and i then i know i can do this.  for them.  many times while Thomas was in the hospital and since his passing, and since Clinton was diagnosed a year and a half ago, i have wished i could take the hurt and pain away, and while the only thing i can do about that is pray and be there for my friends, i can show my support for these two amazing boys and their families in this very tangible way. 

so when (not if) i cross the finish line on saturday, it will be for Clinton and Thomas, and it will be by the grace of God!!

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John, Janna, Alana, Thomas, and James said...

honored my friend to have walked this journey with you. it will be a good day.