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Thursday, April 21, 2011

felt flowers

these little cuties have been all over blog land, so i guess i'm a little slow on the uptake, but i finally got around to making some. and you can too!! so easy.

just grab some felt and cut out 4 circle the same size, and one that is little smaller that those.

take each larger circle and put a little dot of hot glue in the middle and fold it in half. (if you have a low temp setting on your glue gun, that helps cut down on the burning of the finger tips.)

then glue and fold again.then glue your little quarter circle pieces to the smaller circle. then, you're almost done....just pick out a fun button and plop it right in the middle and you have a cute little felt flower!

add it to a scrapbook page, glue it to a pin and put it on your purse or hat...i put this one in my journal. how fun would it be to make a set and glue magnets to the back...you could have a flower garden right on your fridge!

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