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Friday, January 16, 2009

a few pics

a few holiday highlights:
alana's recital was the saturday before Christmas. it was so fun!! she did a great job! (this picture is blurry b/c we weren't supposed to use a flash "for the safety of the dancers")

she's so precious!!
the next tuesday, alana spent the the day with auntie melissa and i. we went to the adventure science center and out to lunch. then we just lounged around at my house and watched movies in the afternoon....we had a great time!
i love her in this hat!! she didn't keep it on long, though!!

i always take pictures of mema, my mom and my aunt fixing lunch...i've always done that!

my aunt juanita made some yum-yum...my absolute favorite treat!! it was awesome!!

at grammy's house, the main attraction was the guitar hero eli got for Christmas....i even tried it, it was pretty cool!!

every year the boys get some kind of little gift that they compeat with after we open gifts, this year they were jumping frogs.

john michael was the winner, but rick took the "bling" because it matched his watch! they are two cool dudes!!

a couple of times a year mel, janna and i get together with mrs. garrett...we were able to meet her for lunch and catch up the saturday after chistmas!

any free time that melissa and i had, we spent scrapping...this is our stuff spread out all over my craftroom table.

not sure which day this was, but we're still scrapping!! i think i got about 65 pages done all week (from feb. of 2006 almost to the end of 2007) I might catch up someday!!

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