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Thursday, September 18, 2008

rock and roll!!

so we got to ohio late last night...decent flight...thankful we made it safely! today our big activity was going to the rock and roll hall of fame and museum. it opened in 1996 in downtown cleveland right next to the browns football stadium and a science center. it's right on lake erie, so it was pretty chilly, but beautiful. this is the view as we were walking over to the hall.

this is a ship that is docked near the hall. my aunt said there is amuseum inside...i just thought it looked cool!!

this is right inside the main door...there are about 10 of these huge guitars all decorated by different people. i can't remember who did this one, but i really liked it...that's my mom and my aunt juanita.

these were hanging from the ceiling...it's raining cars!?!?!

we couldn't take pictures inside the exhibit areas, but they had some really cool stuff like michael jackson's glove, madonna's bustier, and lots of other really cool rock and roll artifacts!

this is landon...my cousin andrew's son. he had lots of fun looking at all the rock and roll stuff!! doesn't he looked thrilled!!!

we have had some good times already, just talking and laughing together. we leave early in the morning for pa to help decorate for the reception.

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John, Janna, and Alana said...

I loved the flying cars. Now that you have seen the rock n roll hall of fame, we should definitely go to the country music hall of fame. And it's local!!! Glad you are home.