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Wednesday, November 2, 2011


i FINALLY got it in gear and started my craft business.  it actually happened officially on Sept. 14 - when i opened my shop on etsy.com.  then on Oct. 15 - i was part of an open house, which was my first actual event.  it went really well, and i sold quite a bit of the stuff i made - and i've continued to sell over the last few weeks. 

what i am selling right now are paper and fabric covered journals, pleated tote bags and painted/collaged canvases with words, scripture or songs on them.  i think i am most surprised at how well the canvases sold, especially since including them in the shop was kind of after thought because i had found the canvases on sale at Michael's a couple of months ago.

here's what i like about having this business thing so far:
- i have an excuse to craft everyday!  last week i went days without making anything and i kind of started shaking a little bit...i. need. to. craft.
- so many people that i love have supported me for a long time, have encouraged me to do this, and are supporting me in it.  it makes me feel loved.
- i am using up (slowly but surely) the completely inappropriate amount of scrapbook paper i own.
- as i told a friend of mine after the first show "people are paying real money for crap i made!"
-did i mention crafting everyday - yeah - that's a good thing!

here's what i don't necessarily like about this business thing so far:
- the "what if no one likes it?" thing that constantly runs through my head.
- feeling like any second i am not crafting i am wasting - even when i stay up until 11 and 12 most nights.
- not selling anything on etsy yet.  i plan to really dig into that after my next two events are over - we'll see!
- so many ideas, so little time (always a struggle for me)

all in all, i am very excited that i have taken this step.  i am thankful for the people in my life who encourage me along the way.  i am anxious to see what God has in store for kacymade - and just enjoying creating =)

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