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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

kitchen redo part 2 - painted counter tops

so, back in february i posted my inspiration board for my kitchen redo. the first part of that project was to paint my cabinets, which i have really enjoyed. the scond part was to paint my counter tops using a process called "countertop transfauxmations". on thursday as i was contemplating what i was going to do over the long weekend, i realized that i had basically three days with no big plans and that i could finally tackle this...i was so excited!

i didn't take any before or during pictures, but i promise, it wasn't that exciting, so you aren't missing anything. the first step is to clean the counters very well, tape them and then use a bonding primer all over. second, paint your base color all over the countertops. mine was a very dark brown called "bark" - like a tree, not like a dog, i think. the third step - and most time consuming - is to sponge on your other colors. my goal was to have mostly shades of the light, cream color (parchment) with some of the dark showing through and some flecks the golden/tan color (country twill). i had never done much sponging before, so that was an experience. of course behind the sink and in the corners and crevices were the most difficult, but overall i am happy with the look.
obviously i am not done yet ... the painters tape will come down! the whole thing took longer than i anticipated, so i have done the fourth step - sealing. the instructions say to use satin finish polycrylic from minwax, but i wanted a shinier finish, so i chose the semi-gloss.
i have some anxiety about the clear coating ... just trying to get it all on there without lines and bubbles and such.
i will post more pictures when i get that done. i won't be able to start on it until sunday, though, because i am headed to memphis tomorrow to hang out with clinton!! i am so excited to get to go visit him finally - definitely more fun that countertops!!


Christina said...

Very very cool! I did not know that was something you could even do! It gives me new hope for the
-ugh-navy blue countertops I have. :)

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I love it! I have been wanting to do mine and now you make me think that I can!

Crafty Mom of 2 said...

I am thinking about doing this in my kitchen! It looks great! How has it held up?? Does it scratch easily? You did a great job =)

kacyd said...

It has held up extremely well. I was a bit concerned at first because it was a bit soft, but after about 2 weeks it was as hard as the laminate. I've had no chipping or anything like that. I'm so glad I did it!

Crafty Mom of 2 said...

you did a great job! Thanks for the inspiration! I will be doing mine in two weeks!!