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Friday, May 30, 2008

this weekend's a scrap!!!

ever since i moved into my condo last september (wow, i cannot believe it's been 9 months already!), one of my goals has been to organize my craft room. finally last weekend, with the incentive that danica was coming to scrapbook on monday, i organized the entire closet including the ridiculous amount of scrapbook paper i came across! i was so inspired by my new clean room that i stayed up until 2am on sunday and started on an album of my graduation last may! i worked on it all day monday and finished it about 9:30, and started working on something else! i am definitely "in the zone!" when i got the call on thursday morning that my co-worker's sister (who has been struggling with cancer) was not going to make it through the weekend, and they needed me to doggy sit this weekend, i promptly loaded my newly organized scrapbooking materials into my car (and some clothes). i am looking forward to a weekend of scrapping.

i am praying for sharon and her family, that her sister have as painless a passing as possible, and that when her time does come, the family be able to find some peace in the fact that their loved one will not live in earthly pain any longer.

i hope everyone has a good one!

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Lauren said...

i likey the blog page!!! i like it alot!!